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Re: printing text file using printer's escape sequence


I have installed RedHat 7.3 Professional on my machine.
Recently I have purchased TVSe MSP-255 XL classic printer. This printer's
panel doesn't have 12cpi condensed mode selection. The printer manufacturer
has provided the escape sequence, but suggested to put in basic or some
programming code.
1) Is any one there who can suggest me to print the text file with 12CPI
condensed mode using printer's escape code sequence. For eg. \27\33\9 for
12CPI emphasised preferably at the beginning of the document itself or
through some shell script.
3) Currently I am printing my files with the following command
   # cat filename > /dev/lp0
   I want to set the escape sequence internally before issuing the above
command to print in desired mode.
   Please note that, I cannot select 10cpi+condensed or 15cpi to print this
text document.

Thanks in advance.

Uday Mulye

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