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replace router with Linux router

At home I have built a Linux router with a firewall that works great. I tried to move it to the office to replace an old(er) propriatary router. After changing the addresses and firewall settings, I connected the 100BT lines. I get continuity lights but no others. From what I've read... the routers on either side, an NT and an ISP, recognize its different MAC addresses. Or better put, they can't route to the previously known MAC addresses.

Which begs the first question: How do I get them to use the new MAC addresses / router?

However, with the old router employed in its former function and the new Linux router acting simply as a client, with a new IP addr on the LAN side of the old router, I still can't get the NIC to ping anything but itself. It's as if the LAN has shunned the NIC... or turned it off somehow.

What Linux tools are available to "reset?" the NIC's? I have tried: the DOS config applications that came with each NIC, removing and replacing the NIC's including r&r the Linux configurations.


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