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Re: non-destructive repartitioning

On Thu, 15 May 2003, Wesley Proctor Wilson wrote:

> Hey,
> I'm trying to install redhat 7.3 on a Dell inspiron with the factory set
> up (xp, ntfs).  In the past I've just formated hard drives to install
> linux, but I really can't do that this time.  I don't think fips can handle
> ntfs; it doesn't recognize the file system.  There is one small partition
> at the start of the drive, and then one large one that spans the rest of
> the drive.  Is there anyway to convert ntfs to fat32 without destroying
> data?  Is there a repartitioning tool that can handle ntfs?  Is anything
> being developed to access ntfs partitions from linux? I really appreciate
> any suggestions. Thanks.

Partition Magic.
There's an NTFS project at sourceforge.



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