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Re: replace router with Linux router

John Meagher wrote:

David F. Colwell wrote:

"That's the real mystery.  I've done all those things and the box thinks
it is doing just fine.  No dmesg's of problems.  The lack of activity
lights on the card lead me to believe the card is prevented from
transmitting and receiving.   I had found an obscure web page telling
how to hack a 3Com driver for what sounds like this problem, but it is
several years old and must be implemented or fixed by now in the distro.
drivers.  Besides, I don't have the file they were hacking and both
cards are not the same model: 3C509B and 3CSOHO100TX. :-(       If it
were just a matter of restarting the routers on either side of it with
the new NIC's in place, I could do that.  But the fact that it can't
join the LAN as a simple client means the card won't cooperate anyway."

Please keep your messages in plain text.
Are you are using DHCP, and if so, where is the server?
The green lights on the nics are on when it's connected and off when it
isn't, right?
Test your cables by swapping with other machines that are working on the
same lan.
You haven't changed the drivers since it was working at home?
Which NIC drivers are you using?  Look in modules.conf.  They should
show up with lsmod also.
Can you post the relevant outputs from dmesg,  ifconfig eth0, ifconfig
eth1,  and netstat -nr.
(I know it's a nuisance, since you're not connected, but it would help.)
Good luck.

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After being unpowered for three days, it is now working properly! To answer your questions though:
Whereas I would have suspected one of the cables, I wouldn't the other since it was used on the previously active router. The suspect cable is currently working.
No, I'm not using DHCP in its current location, not on either side of the router. In its previous locale it had DHCP, WAN side, when employed after AT&T's ADSL bridge. I had one green light on each when connected, no others. They go out when disconnected.
I haven't changed drivers. Not exactly true. I removed the cards and un-configured the hardware from the OS (kudzu). Then reinstalled the cards and re-config'd the same drivers back into the OS, but that didn't solve the problem.
As for the identity of the drivers, I'll have another oportunity to check in about nine days. The dmesg's showed no errors of any kind. ifconfig's and route -n (netstat -nr) were all OK too. Though I must say, changes made at the command line console (ifconfig) weren't always reflected in the X network app. and vice versa. Very disconcerting. So I had the habit of changing/verifying both for every change.
This has been wierd. I know it will happen again since it has already happened once before this. Next time I hope I can again afford a three day respit for the NIC's.

Thanks for your effort and concern. Sincerely, Dave Colwell

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