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Re: RH7.* -> RH9 upgrade

	I understand what you are going through. I had a cluster of roughly 50 servers with Redhat 7. When they EOLed that I realized that I need to look at going from Redhat 7 to Redhat 9 which will not be EOLed until 2004. I must tell you that everything has gone fine upgrading from Redhat 7 to 9. what I did was go to Redhat 7.1, then 7.2, and so forth not skipping any version, so I would not miss any little changes that they had made in the system architecture.
	So my experience is that it went well, but I also do not use any of GUI and the servers we are running have a very specific purpose so they are running minimal RPMs. So I would say go for the upgrade but go from version to version, also after each upgrade clean out any extra RPMs that they install. I hope this helps.

Eric Gunnett
System Administrator
Zoovy, Inc.
eric zoovy com

>>> pub goldshmidt org 05/24/03 02:30AM >>>

Hi everybody,

Before I take the plunge, I would like to hear of success/failure
stories and other accounts of *upgrades* from RH7.{2,3} directly to
RH9. What problems have you encountered, if any, what got broken after
upgrade, what improved, etc?

NB: there are always suggestions to do a clean install. I prefer to
attempt an upgrade first, and only if things go seriously haywire to
do a clean install. Since Picasso, RH3.0.3, all my upgrades have been
successful so far. It is the jump over RH8 (+ NPTL) that concerns me

Is there anything in particular to watch out for with a somewhat
outdated hardware (Pentium III 800MHz) - performance issues etc?  

Oleg Goldshmidt | pub NOSPAM goldshmidt org 

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