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Re: RH7.* -> RH9 upgrade

redhat_valhalla yahoo com au wrote:

eg middle-click maximise button maximises vertically. I use it often, and its lack is a serious annoyance.

Agreed. I use this in Sawfish. This feature is present in standard KDE 3.1, but not in Red Hat's packages of KDE? I (obviously) don't use KDE, so I'm not sure...

I have (from kicker) Control Center -> Appearance & These -> Theme Manager.
I don't recall that this, on RHL, gave me the standard KDE kicker, or
anything like it.  I like the "show desktop" icon

right click on kicker -> add -> special button -> desktop access

, I like to have
Konqueror (and Moz) there, my preferred email client is kmail.

Remove the icons you don't like, right-click -> add -> application for the ones you want.

My wife would be seriously annoyed if she couldn't find kmail, she likes
xpat2. She demanded I revert to the release before RH dropped the game:
I got round it my installing the older RPM.

Sounds reasonable. Red Hat can't package everything... There's nothing wrong with getting software somewhere other than the distro cd's.

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