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Re: Red Hat 7.3 and LVMER

In the link below, i found a very intraduction to lvm.
And in the Linux Gazette site (www.linuxgazette.com) a good howto too.
Another link is: http://www.sistina.com--they are the creators or distributors.


From: Nicolas Ferragu <nicolas ferragu laposte fr>
To: Rogelio Bazan Reyes <rogbazan hotmail com>
Subject: Red Hat 7.3 and LVMER
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 11:52:41 +0200

Hello Rogelio

Do you succeed in making working lvm 1.03 on rh7.3 ?

what do you think of :

I'm also planning to use lvm on rh7.3 for a internet services server.
May you give me some of your works on it ?



Red Hat 7.3 and LVM

     From: "Rogelio Bazan Reyes" <rogbazan hotmail com>
     To: valhalla-list redhat com
     Subject: Red Hat 7.3 and LVM
     Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 03:45:56 +0000

hi, i´m testing lvm 1.03 with red hat 7.3, how could i fix to get active my Volume Group on boot? I suppose, i could set a script in rc3.d that do it...but is there a preconfigured script o somthing like that? thanx _________________________________________________________________

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