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Re: Cron does not work

I read the documentation. I know that it resides in memory, but when I use
crontab -e, it should update the cronjob file as well as reload the new cronjob
into the memory, effectively overwritting the previous one.
When I try it in another of my machine (with same OS version), it works
perfectly. So I don't think you're suppose to restart the crond program
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Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2003 1:34 AM
Subject: Re: Cron does not work

> yep, I used crontab -e. It doesn't work. Is it because the crond daemon
> has failed? When I check using ps -ef | grep crond, I find that the
> daemon is still running.

..in memory. You need to restart crond after editing the file that crontab
executes unless crontab had been modified. This is all covered in man

>     I have a problem, I have set up a task as
>     a cronjob but it only works when I restart the
>     crond daemon in the /etc/rc.d/init.d/ directory.
>     The statement is:
>         * * * * * echo "Hello" >> /tmp/test.txt
>     When I restart crond, this works perfectly. But when I change
>     that statement to:
>         * * * * * echo "New Test" >> /tmp/test.txt
>     the cron does not read this new statement and continues executing the
>     old statement. Any help is appreciated.
>     Are you using crontab -e to change the statement?  That
>     should work.  But if you simply change the file with a text
>     editor, you will see the behavior your are talking about.

Keith Mastin
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Toronto, Canada
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