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RE: BladeCenter Software RAID install?

You should be able to.  

Have you discussed this problem with IBM's Blade support engineers?

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Keith Mastin wrote:
> Try fdisk. You'll pick up the syntax real fast.

Jim Laverty wrote:
 > Which kernel are you using for 7.3? We had no problems setting up  >
RAID1 using 2.4.18-5 on the BladeCenter. Also check the BladeCenter  >
various firmware revs, if I remember correctly (it has been about  > six
months) the firmware and BIOS were out of date when the units  > were
shipped. We don't use disk druid, does fdisk respond the same way?

I'm using the kernel on the BladeCenter boot disk from Red Hat's 
vendor-specific errata section.  I'll check the firmware, thanks for the 
tip.  I think fdisk defaults to the same geometry as Disk Druid, but I 
know how to override that.  If I create the partitions with fdisk, can I 
then use Disk Druid to create the RAID pairs?

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