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RE: MailScanner Question

I have the option use spamassassin set to yes too. I disabled sendmail and
enabled mailscanner, followed the docs, and it worked fine.

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On Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 05:43:20PM -0400, Jake McHenry wrote:
> I'm running RH9 and it works great. Yes, I'm running MailScanner with
> spamassassin and clamav virus scanner. I know it's scanning outgoing
> because my employees have reported back to me that their customers are
> receiving emails with {Spam?} in their subject line. I have tested it
> and it does alter the subject line on outgoing emails, but it only seems
> be outside offices, anyone connecting to the server that I have in the
> file. If I send from the local machine, it does not alter the messages.
> Does this help?
> Thanks,
> Jake
Well I guess I am really confused because my experience is different.
On valhalla MailScanner ran staight from the box evoking spamassassin.
On RH 9 it would not work at all. One thing just for my curiosity.
MailScanner has many options. One seems obvious; Use spamassasin to
which I said yes. From then on I got no mail. Can this be explained?
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