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RE: hacked

Are you sure there was nobody who just ftp'd a huge file sent or email to 10 people with a huge attachment.
Could you please check your ftp and email logs?

tcpdump is a good idea. I would also suggest some kind of ipchains or firewall if you are directly connected to the Internet.

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Hello, Since yesterday I have a huge network traffic increase

Is goes from a 12Gb to 45Gb a month.

Somebody is messing around.

I did the following:
Only access sshd with one ip-adress
changed password root (it was a #$%EEE123) alike password

Tasks server, directly connected to internet:
Its a ftp server voor authenticated users
Its a mail server running on IBM Domino 5.012 with is pretty (I think ...)

When i take a look at /var/messages and /var/secure I see nothing strange

I am running kernel 2.4.20-28.7 on i686

1. How can I see which process is producing the traffic?
2. What else can I do?

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