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Re: networking

On Wed, 2005-01-26 at 00:16, Harry Hambi wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Having problems getting a box on the network……I do ifdown eth0 then
> ifup eth0….the message I,me getting is 
> eth0: setting RX mode to 0 addresses
> eth0: setting RX mode to 1 addresses……ifconfig shows the card UP…….any
> help would be appreciated, maybe the n/work needs changing?
> Rgds.
> Harry.

Is the box using a static IP or a DHCP IP?
Meanwhile, you might want to check out your network configuration files:


Also, just doing an ifdown eth0 might not always tell you the truth; I
like to run: /sbin/service network restart
...it will show you if the network is properly shutting down and
properly restarting.

There is always mii-tool and ethtool to check the status of the card as
well - and there is always the possibility that either the network cable
might not be in top condition, or the network card itself might be on
it's way "south".

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