[vdo-devel] kmod-kvdo in Centos 8 not built with dkms

Sverker Abrahamsson sverker at limetransit.com
Wed Jan 27 21:40:08 UTC 2021

I ran into the issue that kmod-kvdo rpm in Centos 8 that it has modules 
built for a specific kernel which is of course not matching the running 
kernel. It doesn't even set dependency on rpm level to the kernel it 
does work with.

[root at nginx-centos8 sverker]# modprobe kvdo
modprobe: FATAL: Module kvdo not found in directory 
[root at nginx-centos8 sverker]# rpm -ql kmod-kvdo

I solved it by cloning the git repo and build a rpm from there, which 
uses dkms to compile the modules. Works like a charm.

Is there any specific reason why the rpm in Centos 8 doesn't support dkms?

Best regards

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