[vfio-users] Creative ZXRi onboard passthrough

Eric Hattemer hattenator at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 01:24:12 UTC 2015

On 10/27/2015 7:13 PM, Eric Hattemer wrote:
I think later I'll boot directly into Windows
> and see what it says for the port number and IRQ.  I had the Creative
> driver working wonderfully in Windows when I booted directly into
> Windows, but I did uninstall all the drivers before going to Linux so
> that I could convert the Windows install into a VM more cleanly.

Hurray, I finally got it to work.  Seems stable so far.  The way it 
works in Windows at least, is the 1f.3 device is more like a bus than a 
device.  Linux says it's an intel audio device, but Windows says it's an 
HDAUDIO bus.  Within that bus is both the Intel audio on the CPU *and* 
the creative chip.  I did all kinds of funky stuff, but I think it came 
down to finding the 1f.3 device with no driver in Windows and forcibly 
updating the driver to an HD Audio Multimedia Device.  That made two 
extra nodes show up under that device's tree.  After that, the Sound 
Blaster driver setup.exe installed.  I'm not sure all that I did is 
necessary, but I also:

Turned off -machine q35 to avoid conflicts.
Added -device ahci,id=ahci to replace the SATA ports the q35 provided, 
and added bus=ahci.[012] for each of the drive's devices.
set -device vfio-pci,host=00:1f.3,addr=1f.3,multifunction=on
set -device idg-passthrough-isa-bridge,addr=1f.0,multifunction=on

I'm not 100% sure I need the idg_passthrough, but it works with it, so 
I'm not excited to remove it unless I see instability.

It doesn't seem bothered that there's a RAM controller and a SMBUS chip 
on the same IOMMU group.

-Eric Hattemer

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