[vfio-users] [FEEDBACK NEEDED] Rewriting the Arch wiki article

Alex Williamson alex.l.williamson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 22:57:30 UTC 2016


Most of those AMD CPUs in the amd.com link do not support AMD-Vi

User-level access to devices... No, don't do this.  System mode libvirt
manages device permissions.  If you want unprivileged, session mode libvirt
you need a whole other wiki page.

Binding to VFIO... Gosh I wish those vfio-bind scripts would die.  Just use
libvirt, virsh nodedev-detach

QEMU permissions... WRONG!  Don't touch any of this.

Complete example for QEMU with libvirtd... No, qemu:args are the worst.
This hides the assigned device from libvirt and is what causes you to need
to do the QEMU permissions hacks that are completely wrong.  Use a wrapper

As others have said, ignore_msrs makes lots of things work, not just
GeForce Experience
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