[vfio-users] Arch user following http://vfio.blogspot.com instructions [please help]

Garland Key david.garland.key at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 03:00:30 UTC 2016

Hey there,

1. I followed the instructions listed on this blog (http://vfio.blogspot.com)
and got my current machine to run a windows 10 vm with pci passthrough
perfectly.  I've now switched back to Arch (my default OS) and want to try
to adapt these instructions now that I know it will work.

2. I have 2 identical GPUs, so I have to follow the special instructions
outlined in
Again, this worked on Fedora, so to my knowledge it should work on Arch too.

3. Please do not refer me to the outdated Arch forums with 680+ posts that
has now been closed.  That thread should be deleted as it is unwieldy and
useless. I have two Nvidia GTX 970s, but again, it worked on Fedora 23. I'm
throwing this out there due to other advice that I have been given in the

4. Dracut isn't used in Arch but mkinitcpio is. You're asked to insert
add_drivers+="vfio vfio_iommu_type1 vfio_pci vfio_virqfd" in:

Should I instead add MODULES="vfio vfio_iommu_type1 vfio_pci vfio_virqfd"
to mkinitcpio.conf?

5. Farther down, I'm supposed to insert
install_items+="/sbin/vfio-pci-override-vga.sh /usr/bin/find
/usr/bin/dirname" in: /etc/dracut.conf.d/local.conf.

Should I instead add install_items+="/sbin/vfio-pci-override-vga.sh
/usr/bin/find /usr/bin/dirname" to /etc/modprobe.d/vfio.conf?

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Garland Key
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