[vfio-users] Arch, Virt-manager and Network Manager [help needed]

Philip Abernethy chais.z3r0 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 12:34:32 UTC 2016

I've done the same. Bridge created with NM and used by the VM. You should
be able to just select the bridge device. That's the resulting XML for me:

<network connections='1'>
  <forward mode='bridge'/>
  <bridge name='br0'/>

Garland Key <david.garland.key at gmail.com> schrieb am Sa., 16. Apr. 2016 um
14:30 Uhr:

> I'm running Arch with Plasma 5 and Network Manager.  AFAIK, the
> virt-manager package on Arch has broken networking.  I've successfully
> created a bridge using Network Manager, but I can't seem to add the bridge
> in virt-manager or via virsh.
> Is this possibe?  I need it for Synergy.  My mobo has two ethernet
> devices, but I don't have another cat5 cable atm.
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