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Re: [vfio-users] Boot using second GPU?

That's something you should fix in the BIOS. The boot GPU is special because the motherboard has to use it to display things such as POST messages and such, so it's already "tainted" by the time the kernel gets a hold of it. I had to put my guest GPU on my motherboard's second PCI slot because of that (can't change the boot GPU in the BIOS settings), which is pretty unconveinient because it blocks access to most of my sata ports.

If there's a way to cleanly pass the boot GPU to a VM, I don't know about it. I'd be interested to know too, however.

- Nicolas

On 2016-08-04 13:59, Rokas Kupstys wrote:
Hey is it possible to make kernel use GPU other than one that is in
first slot? If so - how?

I have multiple PCIe slots but only first can run at max speed so i
would like to use it for VGA passthrough. However if i put powerful GPU
into the first slot - linux boots using that GPU. I would like to make
kernel use GPU in slot 3. So result should be bios and bootloader
running on gpu in slot #1, but kernel should use gpu in slot #3. I tried
binding first gpu to vfio-pci driver hoping kernel would use next
available gpu. That did not work, i could see one line with systemd
version in low-res console (normally its high-res). I also tryed
fbcon=map:1234 (not exactly being sure what im doing) but that yielded
black screen. Not sure what else i could try.

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