[vfio-users] BSOD when installing drivers for R9 290

Stewart Adam maillist at diffingo.com
Sun Jan 17 18:15:01 UTC 2016

On 2016-01-07 11:30 AM, Eric Griffith wrote:
> My problem is.. The Win7 (and Win8.1) guests are perfectly fine and stable
> until I try to install the amd crimson drivers. Then Windows BSODs, yelling
> about an unhandled exception. If I unpack the install and install things
> piecemeal, then I can install the HDMI audio driver, and everything else
> okay...except for the display driver. Installing the display driver causes
> the BSOD.
How are you booting the guest (e.g. manually executing QEMU, or manually 
created libvirt XML or virt-manager+libvirt)?

I had a very similar symptom on my guest, in the end it was the guest's 
machine flag "vmport=off" that virt-manager had added that resulted in the 
hang/BSOD upon installation of the driver.

After attempting a driver install, does the guest boot correctly but hang 
when attempting to show the login screen (i.e. when the 3D driver initializes)?


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