[vfio-users] vga passthrough on server boards

Bronek Kozicki brok at spamcop.net
Wed Oct 12 20:23:30 UTC 2016

On 12/10/2016 19:08, Alex Williamson wrote:
> For a simple configuration where the VM fits within a host numa node,
> you'd want to add something like:
>   <numatune>
>     <memory mode="strict" nodeset="1"/>
>   </numatune>
> Which should allocate all VM memory from numa node 1.  Use the
> information in the sysfs paths above to verify that free hugepage count
> is going down on the intended node.  If your VM spans NUMA nodes, things
> get a lot more complicated and you'll need to fiddle with memnodes here
> and nodesets in the <hugepages> setup.

Thank you for help here, with these two magic words numatune and nodeset 
I was able to find full explanation at 


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