[vfio-users] Windows 10 Guest Boots 1 in 5 times.

Hugo Leblanc dullin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 18:07:44 UTC 2016

I’m having problems with my Windows 10 Guest on a vfio GPU passthrough.

The systems sometimes can’t seem to get past the windows bootloader (not
sure if that’s exactly where it stalls). When the VM stalls, I only get to
see the Windows logo bootscreen and I never get to see the spinning dots
under it.

After a couple of bad boots, the VM sees and tries to get into the
diagnostic repair and we have the same situation. Either it stalls or we
see the spinning dots and everything is fine (I can just do the normal
startup from there to go to my desktop).

Also, when it stalls, I can see it hogs my first cpu core at 100% and
doesn’t touch the other cores.

Otherwise, the guest runs perfectly, no other problems seem to arise once
we’re past the boot.

Has anybody seen this kind of behaviour before?
I checked the dmesg logs and see nothing out of the ordinary when it
stalls. Is there any way to have an easier time seeing what could be at
fault here?

I’m using Arch as the host using this guide (
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PCI_passthrough_via_OVMF ) with a
Nvidia GTX980 on a AsRock Extreme 6 Z97 motherboard.
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