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Re: [vfio-users] about hotplug of the IGD device

> Now what I want to do is that rebinding the GPU to the i915 drivers
> after having started the vm. 
> Do you have any ways or advices? Thanks.
In theory, this would be done with GVT-g. But it is considered unstable
by its developers and has not a very convincing kernel option help
[1]. It might also still require patches for Seabios and qemu, although
I have found a support note for qemu-2.5 regarding Xengt. Most of its
development happened outside of upstream trees, most likely to get not
limited by QA measurements.

Since Alex develops vfio, which tries to prevent device intervention and
thus makes sharing impossible, but passthrough possible in a quite
stable way, I’m not sure, whether we would see another helpful blog post
about this, once it reaches stability.

Kind regards,

[1]: See DRM_I915_GVT.

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