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Re: [vfio-users] issues about windows GPU drivers update after passthrough

Apologies to everyone if this ends up becoming a new thread. I've been
subscribed to this mailing list under the digest format and didn't
realize it would be so awkward to reply to an individual message.

>Yesterday my windows 10 guest suddenly turned to black screen, and >after rebooting windows 10, GPU didn't work.
>I find that the GPU drivers has been updated to the newest version by >windows 10 automatically and it doesn't work.
>And windows 7 has the same thing. However if I install the windows 10 >into the host machine derectly, the GPU driver
>can be updated to the newest version. If somebody encounter this >problem?

Are you using UEFI (ovmf/edk2) for booting up your guest? Or is it
using the legacy MBR/BIOS method? If it's the former, you might want
to check what version of ovmf/edk2 you're using. I ran into this kind
of problem yesterday on my own setup after upgrading ovmf-git (I'm on
Arch linux).

ovmf-git-21341.bd40dd27aa-1-x86_64 broke my setup and I had to do a
bit of hacking to build ovmf-git-18754.dc99315b87-1-x86_64 and get my
windows 10 guest to boot up again.


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