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Re: [vfio-users] Looking for recommendations for screen-switching

Database can be ignored for ddccontrol.

sudo ddccontrol -r 0x60 -w 0 dev:/dev/i2c-0
Try with -w parameter values from 0 to 4 and for all available /dev/i2c-* devices.

Thanks ddcutil, was not aware of that. Will try and see if it works better than ddccontrol.

Rokas Kupstys

On 2017-03-20 14:36, Daniel Oram wrote:
On 20/03/17 10:38, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

On 20 March 2017 at 07:36, Rokas Kupstys <rokups zoho com
<mailto:rokups zoho com>> wrote:

    You might try installing ddccontrol and trying. Maybe they simply
    did not bother enough to list it in docs. Maybe monitor is based on
    same hardware as other more high-end monitors are and functionality
    is in there even if vendor does not say its supported.

I did try that but it tells me my monitor is not in the database. I also
note that the most recent version of ddccontrol is from 2006, which
doesn't inspire much confidence.


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Try ddcutil


Much more comprehensive. Using something like:

sudo modprobe i2c-dev
sudo ddcutil capabilities

To list any standard recognised capabilities for your monitor (it is up to date). You may have it but vpd may not be standardised and ddcutil gives you the tools to work that out if you have the patience.

I bought a KVM in the end ... and it's so awful I only use it as an HDMI switch and use the input-linux framework in qemu to switch the keyboard/mouse. USB switches do work, but only good ones will work with every device and udev can make a mess of rapidly switching devices in and out, especially if they have some sort of custom software as the device won't come back to the same location as it left. In Windows a mess is normal but it will probably get worse. HDMI switches may have limitations on max resolution, bandwidth and types of data so be careful when buying.

The input-linux framework can have the odd problem with missed key ups but they are all easily surmountable by attaching a USB or virtio keyboard device to the VM so are far preferable to hardware related limitations or problems of the switch and constant device plugging in the VMs. After all, that is one of the major motivations for using a VM.

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