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Re: [vfio-users] Looking for recommendations for screen-switching

On 20 March 2017 at 15:48, Nick S <nick kvmhv gmail com> wrote:
My switch is indeed better behaving - it emulates some weird monitor on inactive ports. Before that I was using display dummies to avoid resolution resets but I never had an issue with keyboard focus getting lost. May be it is because of Windows 7 where the QXL window just stays on "Starting Window" screen and is not used by the OS in any way. I never used a Widnows 10 VM and can't compare. Does it display anything in the QXL window? 

Focus returns to the QXL window right enough, but I can't persuade Windows to regard the 2nd screen as the main one, i.e. if I switch to the 2nd HDMI output I can drag the mouse over from the QXL window, but any new windows open on the QXL screen, and of course switching back turns the 2nd screen off from Windows' point of view.

I might invest in a switch like yours. Emulating something on the inactive ports rather than just turning them off sounds like what I need.


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