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Re: [vfio-users] Some questions for passthrough gpu card to windows 7 32bit vm

IIRC windows 7 _32 bit_ does not work wit UEFI. Try he 64 bit version.


yimao <yiimao y gmail com> schrieb am Di., 21. März 2017 um 09:36 Uhr:
I'm trying to use PCI passthrough to give an NVIDA GPU to a windows vm
with qemu-kvm. I have a Windows 7 64bit VM working well under Fedora
25 with an Nvidia GPU GTX 750Ti. But when I tried Windows 7 32bit, the
OVMF UEFI could not load the Windows ISO.

I have some questions:
*. How can I passthrough a GPU card to windows 7 32bit system?
*. Is OVMF UEFI firmware necessary for PCI GPU passthrough? I have
tried with SeaBIOS, but the gpu card could not start with code 10.
*. Does the GPU ROM must suppport UEFI?
*. I have tried freerdp to get a remote access to the virtual machine,
but I can't run 3D applications on it. I found nx is woring well, are
there any better solutions in this situation?
Any suggestions on what I might try?

Thanks in advance,
Yiimao yang.

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