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Re: [vfio-users] Ryzen Primary GPU passthrough success and woes

I  got a similar (though multi-GPU) setup working, which I wrote up
here: https://www.reddit.com/r/VFIO/comments/616xih/gpu_passthrough_with_msi_b350_tomahawk/

One thing that may help you is to enable AVIC (kvm_amd.avic=1).  What
I saw without AVIC was that things would work briefly (only a few
seconds for me) before interrupts would stop getting delivered.
Sounds like things are working better for you without AVIC than they
did for me, but perhaps the extra improvement in IRQ latency would fix
the hangs you get during intensive graphics operations.

On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 6:02 PM, Graham Neville <grahamneville gmail com> wrote:
> I've managed to get pci-e passthough working on a gigabyte gaming 3 matx MB
> and Ryzen 1700, no ACS patch, using only 1 GPU - AMD r9 290. However I'm
> facing a problem with the whole KVM setup and not sure what it's related to.
> For the Windows10 guest with the GPU passed through it crashes (guest only,
> host is fine) whenever I try anything graphics intensive, for example
> running Witcher3. Normal desktop is fine.
> Also my Linux guests are acting odd when I try to SSH to them, I notice that
> the SSH terminals just stop working randomly. And then there's the issue
> with very slow network throughout to both VMs. I have no idea what's going
> on. It used to work fine with my Intel setup. There's no logs in dmesg to
> show a problem either.
> I'm going to try Seabios instead of OVMF to see if I can stop the crashing.
> Any one having similar issues or anyone can advise?
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