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Re: [vfio-users] IGD Rom file is not anymore readable

On Fri, 31 Mar 2017 16:59:50 +0200
Manuel Ullmann <ullman alias posteo de> wrote:

> > Run rom-fixer on your dumped ROM and it will prompt for updating the
> > PCI vendor ID, device ID, and checksum.  Use lspci -n to determine the
> > correct device ID for your IGD.  Thanks,
> >
> > Alex  
> Thanks a lot, that got it back to booting. Would the rom fixer also be
> appropriate for fixing ROMs of a dedicated card, which were read by
> sysfs (might make GPU-Z usage obsolete for some users)?

GPU-Z and sysfs should generally have the same result, maybe GPU-Z has
some extra tricks to retrieve the ROM where sysfs is pretty basic.  In
any case, yes, rom-fixer should work on any valid ROM, generally IGD is
the only one that has a wrong device ID by default, but if you want to
masquerade as a different device ID, you could certainly use this to
update a discrete ROM, or just use it to fix the checksum.

BTW, for anyone else who uses this, please note that rom-fixer updates
the ROM in place.  Make a backup before using it.  Also, no poking fun
at my poor user I/O skills with scanf and getchar without patches to
improve it ;)  Thanks,


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