[virt-tools-list] ANNOUNCE: virt-manager/install/viewer mailing list moving

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Wed Jul 15 10:10:04 UTC 2009

This list originally came into being as a place for discussing projects
under Red Hat's 'emerging technology' moniker, hence the prefix 'et-'.
In retrospect this was a really bad choice of names for a mailing list
and causes endless confusion for people wrt what to discuss where. Most 
of the emerging technology projects have lists of their own (cobbler,
augeas, libguestfs, libvirt) and it is about time that virt-manager
and friends joined them.

To that end we have created a new mailing list  'virt-tools-list'. This
will be the new home for all developer & user discussions relating to
the following applications

  - virt-manager
  - virt-viewer
  - virt-install
  - virt-clone
  - virt-image
  - virt-convert

It is bad etiquette to mass-subscribe people to mailing lists, so anyone
who is interested in following ongoing progress of these tools should
make sure to visit the listinfo page & subscribe themselves:


To allow people time to re-subscribe, this 'et-mgmt-tools' list will
remain active for approximately 4 weeks. We will then aim to block new
posting, and have the list send an auto-reply directing people to the 
new mailing list. 

As a full summary of where to post:

 - virt-manager, virt-install, virt-viewer, virt-clone, virt-image, virt-convert


 - libvirt


 - cobbler 


 - augeas


 - libguestfs


 - Fedora virt related questions


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