[virt-tools-list] RFC: virt-manager: VM clone wizard

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Mon Jul 20 17:11:29 UTC 2009

Hi all,

The attached patch adds a small wizard for cloning a VM. A screenshot of
the overview:


The wizard will generate a new VM name (usually <orig-name>-clone), new
storage paths as required, and MAC addresses. Storage is marked as
one of:

- Shared: Original and clone VM point to the same disk image
- Clone : Actually copy the original storage for use by the clone

Storage like removable media (cdrom, floppy), readonly or shareable
disks will be 'Shared' by default.

The storage drop down has a 'Details' choice:


This brings up a small dialog which allows changing the new disk path:


There is also a similar dialog for changing MAC addresses.

If we can't clone storage (maybe lack of permissions, or remote
unmanaged storage, older libvirt), we still allow cloning the VM, but
force the offending disks into 'Shared' mode. In the case of sharing a
read/write disk, we give a clear warning that this may result in
overwriting the original image.

Big thanks to Jeremy Perry for the UI designs.

Questions, comments, or feedback appreciated.

- Cole
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