[virt-tools-list] VirtManager iSCSI

Mike Hall MHall at astc.nt.gov.au
Wed Aug 25 05:26:38 UTC 2010

I successfully added an iSCSI target in VirtManager using '/dev/disk/by-path' as the Target Path, and can now see the LUN on that target in the Volumes listing.

However, I do not appear able to use this LUN as a location to store a file image when setting up a new VM.

If I use the path '/dev/disk/by-path/somepath/vm.img' as a storgae location and set an image size of say 20,000MB, I get a message saying that the requested size is greater than 1978MB (or a very similar number), which is of course true. But that LUN is 20GB in size.

Not finding any way around this, independently of VirtManager I mounted the iSCSI LUN to a point in the filesystem (/vmscsi), set the correct SELinux context on that mount point, and then set up that mount point as a simple FS (filesystem) storage location.

VM file images now happily install to that location, which is in effect the same location I was trying to use initially.

I must be missing something basic here, any comments?

Thanks again.

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