[virt-tools-list] Cant boot from CD-Image

Benjamin Bärmann benjamin.baermann at attac.de
Thu Feb 4 12:20:30 UTC 2010


I created a vm on ubuntu 9.04 with

virt-install --force --connect qemu:///system -n testserver -r 512 -f \
testserver-virtual-disk -s 20 -c openSUSE-10.3-GM-KDE-i386.iso \
--os-type linux --os-variant sles10 -w bridge:br0 \
--vnc --noautoconsole

but the vm gives me the follwing error during boot:

	Booting from Harddisk ...
	Boot failed: Not a bootable disk.

	FATAL: No bootable device

Of cource i want to boot from the CD-Image, not from the harddisk. But i 
don't know how to achieve this.

Thanks for any help!

Regards, Benni

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