[virt-tools-list] virt-manager - iptables / firewall rules

Stefan Bauer stefan.bauer at plzk.de
Thu Feb 11 18:21:06 UTC 2010

Cole Robinson schrieb:
> On 02/11/2010 09:24 AM, Stefan Bauer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> it seems, that by default some iptable rules get generated[1]. Which
>> deamon/script is creating this rules? As i want to maintain the
>> complete iptable-ruleset by my own, how can i get rid of this
>> automatic rules?
> iptables rules are added by libvirt virtual networking. You can remove
> the default network using
> virsh net-destroy default; virsh net-undefine default


thank you for your time.

# virsh net-destroy default; virsh net-undefine default
error: Failed to destroy network default
error: internal error network is not active

Network default has been undefined

Unfortunately if i'm not trying to start a virtual machine, i get 

Error starting domain: internal error Network 'default' not found

I'm not impressed by that error message  - i expected that after 
deleting the network profile - the machine must complain about it.



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