[virt-tools-list] virt-manager cdrom device

Stefan King stefank2 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 17 18:27:34 UTC 2010

Does anyone have a suggestion about why, when trying to create
a new virtual machine, on the "Locate your install media" radio
buttons, if I click Use CDROM or DVD, the box always says 
No media present (/dev/scd0) ?  This option seems totally 
useless because it never says anything other than that, yet
there is no way I can find to change what it looks at. 

If I click on Use ISO image: I can navigate to one of the /dev/cdrom
device nodes and make some progress anyway.  

I was trying to install Red Hat 9 under an hvm on an lvm partition, 
but there is no love yet.  

How do I get virt-manager to look at different device nodes?

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