[virt-tools-list] virt-manger: KVM is not available.

Florian Lindner mailinglists at xgm.de
Thu May 5 14:38:17 UTC 2011

Am Donnerstag 05 Mai 2011, 16:21:13 schrieb Cole Robinson:

> Ah okay. The issue is that libvirt only advertises KVM if it finds a
> file named qemu-kvm or kvm, so it won't by default allow using kvm with
> a stock qemu release. You can probably work around this by symlinking
> /usr/bin/qemu-kvm to /usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64. Might want to file a
> bug with your distro to do the same (or have them actually ship the
> forked qemu that is distributed with KVM upstream, since it's generally
> what receives the most testing).

Ok. I installed qemu (in contrast to qemu-kvm) because I thought it received 
more testing than a fork, since it closer to upstream.

Whatever... I installed qemu-kvm instead now and the message vanished.

Please allow me to attach another question to this thread, presumably simpler. 
My / is on an SSD, /home is on a HD. I'm the only user on the machine. Default 
path for libvirt/virt-manager to store images seems to be 
/var/lib/libvirt/images and I can't change this as user.

What is the right way to store the images elsewhere?

Modify etc/libvirt/storage/default.xml ?
Symlink /var/lib/libvirt/images to /home/florian/... ?

Thanks for all your help..!


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