[virt-tools-list] Why virsh shutdown does not work?

Bruno Lamps lampss at gmail.com
Fri May 13 17:34:38 UTC 2011


So a VM with "<acpi/> " in it's xml, running linux, with kacpid running,
will shutdown "gracefully" if I use virsh shutdown, right?

In all my ubuntu VMs, I only found a process called kacpid, with a very low
PID. Yesterday I tried to shutdown one of them, and it didn't work. But in
my debian VM, witch was shutdown yesterday too and in it's case the "virsh
shutdown VM" worked fine, I found 2 running processes, as shown here:

debianldap:~# ps aux | grep acpid
root        41  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        S<   May12   0:00 [kacpid]
root      1590  0.0  0.9   1768   572 ?        Ss   May12   0:00

Got it, my ubuntu VMs have no acpi support installed/running. Does anyone
knows how can I enable that?

Thanks again. ;D
2011/5/13 Decker, Schorschi <schorschi.decker at bankofamerica.com>

> That is a major no-go from a security perspective, enabling that feature.
> Schorschi Decker
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> ET&D Emerging Technologies / Virtualization Platform Engineering Team
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> Are you having this problem on Windows or Linux VMs?  I don't have this
> issue with Linux VMs (provided I installed them with the virtio drivers).
>  However, on a Windows VM there is an extra step that I do to make it work:
> Start>Run: gpedit.msc
> Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local
> Policies\Security Options\Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without
> having to log on
> -Kenny
> 2011/5/13 Laurent Léonard <laurent at open-minds.org>:
> > Le vendredi 13 mai 2011 13:33:54, Bruno Lamps a écrit :
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> As you may have noticed, I'm writing some simple backup scripts to my
> >> KVM vms. Because my production server runs libvirt 0.7.5, I'm not
> >> able to use virsh save, there's some sort of bug that make the VM to
> >> not always shutdown.
> >> So I do my backups shuting down the systems and then copying que raw
> >> image and the .xml file. To do so, I run "virsh shutdown VMname". For
> >> some reason, it doesn't works all the time, so my script currently
> >> waits 10 mintues to run "virsh destroy VMname", to be sure that the
> >> VM isn't running and then copy it's files.
> >>
> >> Why "virsh shutdown" isn't working for me everytime? Is there any VM
> >> log where I can discover the reason? =]
> >
> > "virsh shutdown" sends an ACPI shutdown call to the virtual machine.
> > If it never worked for one or more virtual machines, check that the
> > guest systems correctly handle ACPI shutdown calls.
> >
> >> Can "virsh destroy" damage VMs easily?
> >
> > Avoid it if you can, it has the same effect as if you unplug the power
> > cord for a physical machine...
> >
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