[virt-tools-list] Recent changes to libvirt makes virt-manager unusable - can I revert to using ssh keys / just typing pass in once?

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Wed Apr 25 18:56:46 UTC 2012

On 04/25/2012 07:18 AM, Morgan Cox wrote:
> Hi.
> I am having major usability issues after recent updates of (I believe)
> the blame lies in libvirt updates....
> Previously I just setup a new connection using virt-manager - I
> entered the root password - I used to connect then actually was able
> to use virt-manager.
> Now... I'm having major issues.
> In openSUSE (for example) virt-manager is completely broken - even
> though I enter username 'root' it ALWAYS connects as my username - so
> i can no longer use virt-manager at all with that OS.
> To make things worse  in KDE (this also happens in arch) I have a grey
> dialogue box that you CANNOT!! paste the password in - I have to type
> it out (like its windows or something..)
> To see what I mean see :-
> http://imgur.com/FOSvq
> So opensuse (kde) is completely broken - Arch linux involves typing a
> 24 char pass in (instead of pasting) - and worse : I have to keep
> !!TYPING!! the password in each time I do anything - i.e enter a VM  -
> so its really not usable .
> Say I want to connect and enter 4 vm's - thats 5 times I have to enter
> the password - WHY ??????
> As a workaround i changed the root pass to a simple (short) password
> everytime I use virt-manager - so its a crappy workaround.
> In Debian (gnome2) I use the backports version of libvirt and the same
> thing occurs - although that's slightly better as I can paste the pass
> in that dialogue box - although (again) I have to type (or paste) the
> pass in each time I do anything.
> I used to just use the SSH key to connect - why the hell can't i now ?
> Sorry for the tone of this email but virt-manager used to work 100%
> fine and now its pretty much broken.
> How can I make it work like it used to ? (Or is downgrading the only way ?)
> I do not want to put the pass in every single time I do anything.
> How can I configure it to connect via SSH key (as i used to?)

The change was not intentional, it's just a libvirt bug:


Ask your distro to backport the relevant patch or downgrade libvirt on your host.

- Cole

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