[virt-tools-list] virt-manager issues

Trey Nolen tnolen at internetpro.net
Fri Apr 27 20:57:34 UTC 2012

>> I'm not sure this is correct anymore.  According to the thread at
>> https://www.redhat.com/archives/libguestfs/2012-April/thread.html#00028
> This one is fixed, but the bug I linked above affects every qemu in
> Ubuntu 12.04, and not just for blanks disks as we originally thought,
> but for every disk.
> Rich.

OK, I'll keep that in mind and won't attach any disks.  However, I still 
do need to be able to use the tools in virt-manager to look at different 
aspects of the guests and/or attach other devices.   Do you know why the 
icons with that functionality would not show up on virt-manager?

Trey Nolen

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