[virt-tools-list] Remote install question

Jonathan Moroney jmoroney at soest.hawaii.edu
Fri Jun 1 02:49:04 UTC 2012

Hello All,

I'm attempting to install a new VM over the network, but keep running 
into storage issues. First, I can't install off of local disk media as 
virt-manager claims that nothing is there. The drop down menu correctly 
identifies the fedora disk in the try. I can't install off of an iso 
either. I found a thread online suggesting I create a storage pool for 
my isos and so I did, but after clicking on the "finish" button I get an 
internal process error essentially telling me that it cannot read the 
iso. I'm logged in as root so I don't think permission are the issue. I 
am able to do all of this locally without issue. Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.


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