[virt-tools-list] [Spice-devel] Feature requests for virt-viewer windows port

Alon Levy alevy at redhat.com
Mon Aug 26 15:34:41 UTC 2013

> Hi Alon,
> >> At least, the virt-viewer (remote-viewer) port should either embed a ssh
> >> client or use an external putty under the covers (like Xming does), and
> >> work with both ssh keys and password auth directly from the connection
> >> dialog (which today is non-existant, just "type a URL")
> > Sounds like a good idea to have an ssh tunnel to the guest. It's totally
> > doable without extending the current protocol by using a new char-dev
> > channel. Actually we may want to record the number of the channel in the
> > protocol, but that's it. Other then that it requires changes all over, but
> > small, and has been discussed before, just needs someone to love it enough
> > ;)

> I was thinking about a tunnel to the host, not to the guest, for guest
> console access, without having to configure and start ssh tunnels
> manually, outside virt-viewer/remote-viewer.
> [that's right, if you want the guest console you connect to the host]
> Having virt-viewer / remote-viewer setup a tunnel for the guest would be
> very usefull to get a bash prompt (not a console GUI) and transfer files
> using SFTP. But for now I want just guest console access.

So you want to access the guest or the host? If the guest, that's exactly what I meant, since spice doesn't have any other connection except to the host, i.e. the process running the spice-server (qemu/qemu-kvm).

Didn't think about the SFTP use case, that's very interesting.

> >> And it should be able to get the spice TCP port from libvirtd, instead
> >> of having the user find and provide the correct port on the host for the
> >> desired guest. It should be smart enough to setup a ssh tunnel if needed
> >> or ask for tls certificates if it can't find them.
> > If your use case is libvirtd based, you can use virt-viewer directly,
> The current windows port has only a barely usable remote-viewer. When I
> try to start virt-viewer, it complains missing libssp-0.dll.
> And I can't make spice+tls work. :-( Using TLS requires extra setup on
> the server side, I guess the easier path for windows users would be
> having remote-viewer or virt-viewer handle ssh tunnels.
> It looks like on Linux remote-viewer creates the ssh tunnel itself, but
> not on the windows port.

Ah, I didn't realize on windows virt-viewer doesn't work. Well, that's something to fix I guess. I have no idea how much work that is :(

> []s, Fernando Lozano

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