[virt-tools-list] hercules & S390

Gene Czarcinski gene at czarc.net
Mon Nov 25 16:17:27 UTC 2013

On 11/25/2013 09:54 AM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 03:47:50PM -0500, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
>> I am not sure how much interest there would be so I am not sure if
>> the effort would be worth it but, has there ever been any
>> consideration been given to adding hercules and s390 virtuals under
>> virt-manager?  Just curious?
> Maintaining a new libvirt backend is a non-trivial amount of work. The
> s390 architecture has very few users, and hercules probably even less.
> If someone wants to write a driver and commit to supporting it over the
> long term then great, but I can think of many more productive ways to
> spend dev effort that impact more users than s390 ever will
I thought that would be the case but I was just wondering.


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