[virt-tools-list] VirtViewer and TCP Keepalives

Colin Coe colin.coe at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 03:28:32 UTC 2013


I've been talking to the group who look after the other firewall cluster
and they say they can find no reason for this behaviour.

After starting a spice session to a VM on host 172.x.y.z, I used wireshark
on my F18 desktop with this filter "ip.host == 172.x.y.z and
(tcp.analysis.keep_alive or tcp.analysis.keep_alive_ack)" and got back no

ps -ef | grep vmname showed spice on ports 5924 and 5925.  ip.host ==
172.x.y.z and (tcp.port ==5924 or tcp.port == 5925) shows tens of thousands
of rows.

As a test, I changed the filter to just "tcp.analysis.keep_alive or
tcp.analysis.keep_alive_ack" and I get many "TCP Keep-Alive" rows from
other hosts

Any ideas on this?



On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 1:46 PM, Colin Coe <colin.coe at gmail.com> wrote:

> All our RHEL guests (VMs) have the rhevm-guest-agent RPM installed and the
> related service 'ovirt-guest-agent' running.
> I run an F18 client  and my colleague runs an F19 client, we both see the
> problem.  We don't have any Fedora guests.
> We have no way of running up SPICE sessions in the VLAN that our RHEV-H
> nodes are in, however I setup a SPICE session from between the inner and
> outer firewalls.  This session lasted two hours before it was dropped with
> "TCP packet out of state: First packet isn't SYN".  I'm pretty sure this
> isn't virt-viewers fault though as we see this from time to time when the
> firewall cluster changes active node.
> I've asked the group that look after the other firewall to investigate.
> Thanks
> CC
> On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 9:07 AM, Marc-André Lureau <mlureau at redhat.com>wrote:
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> > Hmm, OK
>> >
>> > On the Windows locking problem, only my colleague has reported this and
>> yes,
>> > the VM does have the latest RHEV Tools installed (3.2-12).
>> >
>> > On the timeout, this occurs for both Windows (XP,7,8,2008R2,2012) and
>> Linux
>> > (RHEL5/6) VMs. All we need do to replicate the problem is to leave the
>> > session alone for 15 minutes or so. How should we go about debugging
>> this?
>> I am trying with current RHEL devel host&guest, connection from f19
>> client, over local wifi and can't reproduce so far.
>> We need to narrow the problem. Can you reproduce with a similar setup?
>> Have you tried with f19 client? I don't think that should make any
>> difference.
>> Can you try to get to a point where you don't see the problem? (for
>> example, on local network, perhaps even on localhost)
>> Also, are the RHEL guest setup with RHEVM tools (I never installed
>> those), could you try with bare VMs (without any rhevm or spice
>> agent/drivers etc)
>> thanks
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