[virt-tools-list] [Spice-devel] progress on virt-viewer for windows

Marc-André Lureau mlureau at redhat.com
Thu Sep 19 19:18:14 UTC 2013

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> Hi Christophe,
> >> If someone provides newer windows binaries -- which aren't missing
> >> dlls, like the ones at http://teuf.fedorapeople.org/virt-viewer-msi/
> >> -- I will test then.
> > I gave you links to RPMs containing the missing dlls (rpm2cpio foo.dll
> >   | cpio -id will unpack them on linux) in
> > https://www.redhat.com/archives/virt-tools-list/2013-September/msg00037.html,
> > did you try adding these dlls in the place the installer put the other ones
> > to see if this helps?
> The first missing DLL was libvirt-lxc-0.dll. After I put it on the
> virt-viewer install dir, I got the error:
> C:\Program Files\VirtViewer\bin>virsh -c qemu+tcp://kvmhost/system
> error: failed to connect to the hypervisor
> error: authentication failed: unsupported authentication type 1
> Nice, there wan't other missing DLLs. :-)
> It looks like the windows port can't do SASL auth over TCP. So I changed
> libvirtd.conf to allow unauthenticated connections over TCP.
> It worked!!!!!
> Quickly changed libvirtd.conf to allow only TLS connections, not to let
> my host insecure. Then tried again:
> C:\Program Files\VirtViewer\bin>virsh -c qemu+tls://kvmhost/system
> It worked!!!
> Thanks a lot for your help, and I'm eager to try the next release you
> are about to build.
> PS: Would it be hard to add SASL support to the windows port? It's much
> easier to setup than TLS.

Some time ago, I tried to port cyrus-sasl to mingw (mostly for fun), I remember I was very sadden by their build-sys which would really need some serious love.


At that time the git repo wasn't even public. And given the enthusiasm (I got no reply), and the lack of interest, I left it there (apparently, just one commit made its way upstream)

There are some binary distribution for Windows around, so it must be doable, but not so easily imho. What mechanism would you rely on? Testing all of them can be tedious too.

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