[virt-tools-list] LXC distro container install script and libosinfo

Cedric Bosdonnat cbosdonnat at suse.com
Fri Apr 11 14:20:42 UTC 2014


I'm working on getting virt-install (and later virt-manager) to create
the rootfs of distro containers using data from libosinfo. The idea is
to check if the distro has an install script with lxc injection method
and run it.

>From what I did on my local virt-manager tree, is to use --os-variant to
designate the distro to install.

However libosinfo install scripts can have a bunch of required and
optional parameters... I'm wondering what would be the best way to get
these values input by the user.

There are basically two options:
  1/ add an option for each possible install script parameter
  2/ add a generic option like what osinfo-install-script does

Do you have any opinion on that?


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