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> Hi,
> I am new in virt-manager. In the past I use qemu via shell with my own
> bios file:
> qemu -m 4000 -hda /media/xxx/QEMU/WIN7_qcow2.img -bios
> /usr/share/qemu/bios_fujitsu.bin
> How can I define this in the virt-manager guest gui? Or how can I pass
> through this option with the guest start?
Your can
a) use virt-install:

man virt-install
 --boot loader=BIOSPATH
           Use BIOSPATH as the virtual machine BIOS. Only valid for fully virtualized guests.

b)Or virsh command suggested by Richard.

c) If your virt-manager new enough, you can also use virt-xml like:

virt-xml DOMAN --edit --boot loader="/aa/bb/cc.bin"

But AFAIK, we could not do this by GUI.

- Chen

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