[virt-tools-list] bug report

Jeremy A. theccsscontact at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 08:32:26 UTC 2014

hello all, i am to lazy to go create an account to file a bug report so
here it is:

when using virt manager storage manager and you click on "new volume"
if the running kernel is PaX hardened and the qemu-img binary  has not been
already dehardened with paxctl, the virt-manager storage manager gui will
create a ghost image, meaning it exists in tracking but not on disk since
qemu-img failed to run because of PaX.

 now this is not a hugh problem and easy to work around by simply using
paxctl prior to running said scenario. but this is anoying for the image
name you wanted to create is no longer useable since virt-manager thinks
the file exists.

basically there should be some error checking to make sure a virtual disk
storage file is created before an entry is made into some XML db that
tracks them.

Jeremy Anderson
info at dcos.net
theccsscontact at gmail.com
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