[virt-tools-list] Copy/paste problems in SPICE session (remote-viewer)

Colin Coe colin.coe at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 00:57:32 UTC 2014

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 8:40 AM, Marc-André Lureau <mlureau at redhat.com> wrote:
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>> Hi all
>> I'm trying to track down a copy/paste problem our users experience
>> with SPICE sessions from RHEV.
>> The problem is well documented in GSS case 01038719.
>> I see this problem daily on my Fedora 20 (x86_64) client connecting to
>> Windows 7 (32 and 64bit) guests.
>> We have a few Windows client users ATM and I haven't heard much from
>> them with this problem, however our Windows user base is going to
>> triple soon (around June) and I'm keen to have this resolved well
>> before that.
> But we are talking about the Fedora 20 client atm, right? You just assume the bug would happen with Windows client too?

We have seen this in the past on Windows clients but the current users
do few copy/paste operations.  Come June, our user base will be far
more diverse and I believe the probability of this happening to them
will be greatly increased.

>> In a nutshell, remote-viewer hangs after copy/paste operations in the
>> guest.  This can be entirely within the guest (i.e. copy text between
>> applications such as Eclipse and Toad for Oracle) or copying text from
>> the client to the guest.  Sometimes the problem is triggered after a
>> handful (less than 10) copy pastes, sometimes the problem is not
>> exposed after even 20 or 30 copy pastes.
>> I have re-produced the problem on RHEL6, RHEL7 beta and Fedora 20.
>> virt-viewer 0.5.6, 0.5.7 and 0.6.0.
>> Note that I have tried and failed to expose the problem with my Fedora
>> client connecting to a RHEL6 guest running the Gnome desktop.  I used
>> gedit and did approx 70 copy/paste operations with any problems.
> Interesting, what virtio and spice agent version have you installed in the Windows guest?

RHEV Tools 3.3-10 (virtio driver version
RHEV-Spice-Agent64 - 4.10.3 or 3.3.3 as reported by RHEV)

> What is the host btw?

Fat RHEL6.5 host fully.  Haven't yet updated to apply RHEV 3.3.1 updates.
rpm -q vdsm libvirt

>> Once the problem is exposed, the remote-viewer window can not be
>> closed by clicking the 'X' (close) button on the top right hand
>> corner.  It can only be closed by killing the process (TERM is
>> sufficient).
>> Are the devs aware of this problem?  What can I do to assist in
>> tracking this down?
> I am not aware of such bug. I guess you should open one.

I've GSS to create one.  The problem has similar symptoms to

> Could you install debugging symbols and run remote-viewer under gdb, with SPICE_DEBUG=1 ? When it hangs, do "thread apply all bt" and copy paste the last logs and the fullbacktrace. That should help us.
> Thanks
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