[virt-tools-list] Refreshing Storage Pool {Scanned}

Ritchie P. Fraser rpf at marinesoftware.co.uk
Mon Mar 10 16:55:50 UTC 2014

I'll try restarting libvirt tomorrow...


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On 03/10/2014 12:14 PM, Ritchie P. Fraser wrote:
> Hi Cole,
> Distro + Version: Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
> $ virsh version
>     Compiled against library: libvir 0.9.8
>     Using library: libvir 0.9.8
>     Using API: QEMU 0.9.8
>     Running hypervisor: QEMU 1.0.0
> Will restarting libvirt affect / kill all other currently the running VM's (servers)?

I think that libvirt version is new enough to not take down the VMs. Not positive though. (That libvirt version is still several years old though)

- Cole

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