[virt-tools-list] Help request (obtaining %cpu for a guest domain)

Pasquale Dir phate867 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 22:37:22 UTC 2014

I am a student and I am using python libvirt api, like the ones which were
used in order to build virt-manager.

I am wondering how to obtain the %cpu usage and I thought asking to you, as
you did it for your program which is written in python.

getCpuStats() function on a domain object gives me
cpu_time,user_time,system_time...I don't know how to combine them in order
to obtain the % usage.

For the guest system I take the delta between two successive measurations
and make a division, putting idle time just on the denominator...but here?
Maybe the cpu_time is actually an idle time for the guest?
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