[virt-tools-list] [virt-manager PATCH 1/2] Add glusterfs volumes support to virt-install

Anders Blomdell anders.blomdell at control.lth.se
Mon Nov 10 17:25:00 UTC 2014

On 2014-10-29 17:39, Cole Robinson wrote:
> Thanks Anatoly for the patch, and Chen for the cleanup help.
> Supporting type=network disks breaks quite a few assumptions we carry internally unfortunately, like ensuring So does the gluster volume path syntax being a URI and not an actual FS path. That explains the various 'if type == gluster' bits sprinkled in the patch. I'd like to avoid those where possible.
> So, a few thoughts:
> - The testdriver addition for the gluster pool/volume is handy. However I'd also like an example rbd volume (there's already a pool), and sheepdog pool/volume, so we can try and generalize this support. Hopefully libvirt's test suite has examples of all those so no one needs to set up a server just to confirm it. I'd ACK that patch now
> - testdriver test-many-devices extended to have a few example network disks: one gluster, one http, maybe one with type=volume pointing to a gluster/rbd/sheepdog volume. I'd ACK that patch now
> - I don't like the addition that has VirtualDisk.path accept a virStorageVol
> Instead I'd just teach diskbackend how to handle a gluster:// URI. That will also allow virt-install --disk gluster://... to automagically work.
> - diskbackend.py:StorageBackend is going to need to be extended to understand that the passed 'path' is a network disk, and every function will have to add a case for 'elif self._is_network' or similar.
> - We need to add clitest cases, at least one for gluster backed by a storage volume, gluster _not_ backed by a storage volume, and something like protocol=http which will never be backed by a storage volume.
> I'll take a look at this stuff either this week or next, but any help in the interim is appreciated. The first two suggestions are hopefully straightforward.
> Thanks,
> Cole
Whats the status for this patch? Now that gluster-6.1 is out, I'm very keen on getting
to test it, and would very much like to help testing it on virt-manager. Should I grab
the patches from the list archive, or are there newer ones in the pipe somewhere?


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